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Branding Services


What is branding? Simply put, branding is a cohesive and  consistent presentation of themes, ideas, colors, content and even sounds that make your business or organization easily identifiable. Done well branding promotes awareness and recognition which together with your great products and customer service help make your business the first one consumers think of when considering products or services your business offers. Successful branding generates customer loyalty and repeat business.

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Color Palettes & Themes

Color plays a very important part in establishing and maintaining your brand identity. Think about that red and white can of pop that all the world instantly recognizes. Color along with imaging helps establish the look and feel of your website, print media, and social media presence.


Few things build brand recognition like a great logo. Think about your favorite sports teams, that swoosh on your sporting apparel or the icons of your favorite social media platforms. And who can ever forget the symbol for the artist formerly known as, well you know who. Your business or organization deserves the same sort of visual recognition. We can create a great logo for use on your website, social media presence and print media like business cards or brochures.

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Social Media Management

Let JJM help you establish a new social media presence or rebrand your old one by building a consistent visual presentation between your website and social media presence including color palette, logo and backgrounds where applicable.We can also help you manage your existing one.